A local Blood Bowl group for the Geelong area. We are a group of players that takes pride in our relaxed playstyle. This is a game after all!

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May 20th, 2021 - old news
Season Five - Sevens
Season Five will be a Sevens tournament. Basically Blood Bowl Lite!

Teams are limited to 600k to buy players, rerolls cost double and no more than four positionals are allowed per team.

Rules for Sevens are found in the Death Zone rulebook but will be made available to all in the group chat.
- Commish
Sep. 17th, 2019 - old news
Season Three Rules
3 minute turn timers are encouraged but not enforced. Before your game discuss with you opponent whether either of you want to use timers. If one of you does want timers, please use them for both players. Some coaches have been pressed for time in previous seasons so we want to make sure they are not in long games if they don't want to be.

Board Rules:
Special rules for pitches can be used if both coaches agree before the match. Feel free to use any of the cool released pitches!

Before the match:
Please print out a team roster for your team and a match report. During the match please keep note of the injuries/touchdowns etc and what number player did it (or F for foul, or C for crowd etc) for both teams. After the match one person (usually the first one to log in to the website) will submit the results for both teams. The second coach will get an email advising the results have been done, and can check nothing has been missed before approving it. Once both teams have approved, a commish will authorise the result and you'll be free to roll those skill upgrades :)

Match Results:
Please make sure the match results are entered in a timely manner. This prevents me chasing people up before the next game. :)
- Commish
Sep. 13th, 2019 - old news
Season Three team building rules
Blood Bowl Season Three

All teams start with 1,300,000 gold.
Normal team building rules apply but you can purchase skills as well.
Normal skills 20,000 each
Double skills 30,000 each
No more than 2 double skills can be purchased for the team
No player may start with more than 2 normal skills or 1 double skill
No more than 2 of the same skill can be bought in the team
No double skills on any Str 5+ player
All players start at 0 spp

Teams can hire star players but they do have upkeep costs.
- Brett
Sep. 13th, 2019 - old news
Anyone can send through a race and team name that you want to play with to me. Not just for season three. This allows everyone to have friendly games as well as league games.

For season 3, once you have sent through your team name and race, you'll be able to flesh out the team (buying staff, players and rerolls). Extra skills will need to be added by myself or Jas though, so send them through.
- Brett
Sep. 12th, 2019 - old news
We are live!
Website is all set to go! Those who haven't, please send me through your login username of choice and your email address for me to complete your coach registration.
- Arkham Leper

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